Romantic movie with animation touch from pixar will make you affected

"Up" is an animated film that was released in 2009 so to attract a lot of people in the world, both among children and adults. Walt Disney's film output is about an old man who flew to the cliff waterfall with a house full of balloons. So famous and inspired the film, a lot of people who want to try to fly with balloons. The phenomenon of the animated film 'Up' which is the true love of a grandfather to the late wife of their house and the house also did a lot to make emotion a lot of people who watch it. But it seems that no one knows if the mobile home in this film inspired by a true story. The house that inspired the creation of the film 'Up' turns out there in real life and in the area of Bellard, Seattle, Washington, USA. Not only the house, but the life of the owner of the house is also almost the same between the film and the original. At the start time of a character in the film Carl (male) and Ellie (female) friends in a housing complex, from small since them has often played together and play mreka is a house of the already lived right by the owner. From birth they like adventure, they even have a record book adventure trips that will be done later when they are adults. When stepping up, the seeds of love began to grow in their hearts, in the film in the end tell them marry and occupy a new house, the house that is the playground of their childhood.

Over time, they expect the fruit of their marriage, but what would in a word, the doctor say that Ellie could not give offspring. With big hearts kept cheering Carl Ellie, up tells that child is not the only goal in a marriage, but the happiness was the goal. Until finally they began to forget about the problems, they started saving to materialize the dream that they went to a beautiful place highly in craved Ellie is ParadiseFalls, a hill there is a waterfall on her side.



Looking for the best movie action for your weekend? Then Taken is the best choice for you

Taken 3 is a continuation of the movie Taken 2 (2012) and taken (2008). If in the first film and the second tells the story of the abduction of children and the wife, in the third taken precisely nothing kidnapped? The third film tells the story of Bryan Mill is trapped by criminals in the murder of his wife Lorene. Unlike the previous films that revolve taken abroad Paris at first taken and taken Istanbul in 2), Taken 3 is set in California USA. Narrated in the film Bryian must be run from the police, the FBI and the CIA and at the same time having to chase the criminals who killed his wife.

This film is quite complicated in terms of story and according to my own anyway better than the one taken and taken 2. Surprisingly, review and rating the film is outside the country is quite low, I do not know why, but probably because of different tastes. Worth watching or not, a clear film is entertaining and a lot of action scenes full blast. The story is pretty good, but I am sure some of you quite easily guess the storyline. If you wanted to make an entertaining themselves with action films, seems taken 3 was the only action movie that deserves to be hunted.


The Proposal

The Proposal romance movie with comedy spice through the story

Actually, from a small idea absurd though, a good director would be able to create a compelling story that is entertaining and can be a mirror for the audience. For a movie called The Proposal This, Anne Fletcher, the director trying to raise the standard theme found in many romantic comedies and making a spectacle lasted 108 minutes which is quite entertaining.

It is quite capable of making The Proposal treat this so interesting because the standard pattern, the audience must know how to end the story, so there's no point in making the plot so convoluted that ended up damaging the pleasure of watching this movie. Unfortunately, the script seems less able to make the entire portion so quite convincingly. The proof is in the end of the story, there is an impression that the story be rushing to catch the ending. If previously Bullock and Reynolds has appeared maximal, as it approaches the ending rather they did not seem able to produce a satisfactory appearance.


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